Revolution in Construction and Renovation

Revolution in Construction and Renovation

The whole point of doing a major renovation or building a custom home is to create a unique space. In that case, you need to know what is new and hot in the construction industry. Here, with some insights from Kookaburra Homes in Adelaide, we talk about things that are happening currently and gaining popularity.

Natural Selections

Super-dark, hand-scraped floors are not trendy anymore. Consider engineered woods, especially those with a lighter, natural finish. Making a comeback is grey and white finishes. Another trend is employing fumed, limed or bleached floors with matte finishes. You can achieve an exotic look with stone floors and porcelain tiles.

Open Spaces

Go with modern, open concepts. That means tiny rooms and fewer hallways. Open floor plans create more usable space. For instance, a kitchen that is open to the dining and living room. An abundance of glass or lift-and-slide doors brings the outdoors in.

Take Risks

Have some fun when constructing your dream home. Wallpaper all the ceilings or create a floating staircase. Consider patterned woods or intricate wood designs. Try a daring paint colour, bold wallpaper or outrageous tiles. The choice is yours! There is nothing better than a house that stands out in the neighbourhood.

Formal Reforms

Make your living room multifunctional. It could be a bar area, library or more of a party room. Now make changes to your dining room. It can be the service space for casual parties. Or you can add bookcases for it to be a library. It’s only traditional homes that designate living rooms for furniture storage and dining rooms for eating.

Great Outdoors

In the quest to make homes livable and functional, indoor spaces are opening to patios and backyards. However, outdoor spaces are expensive. That outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, elaborate lighting and lush landscaping could cost thousands of dollars. So budget accordingly. Anyway, decks and pools are great places to entertain and hang out.

New Media

Every room in the modern home has a television. Besides large flat screen TVs, the room should be useful and accessible. For instance, a media room can be a game room for adults and a playroom for kids. Theatre settings liven up wasted, isolated spaces. Builders say that media rooms on the ground floor are better than those on upper floors.

Go Green

Having energy-efficient appliances does not mean you’re an environmentalist. It shows you’re smart and conscious of your surroundings. If you use geothermal pumps and other Energy Star appliances, you can receive a tax credit – not a deduction. Here, the focus is creating green, healthy homes. So choose clean air filtration systems and surfaces that are friendly to the body.

Kitchen Conversation

Property merchants say kitchens sell homes. Grandma says a kitchen is the heart of the home. Both are correct. Though important, cooking spaces are expensive to renovate. But no matter your budget, you can still spruce up your kitchenette. Start with the floor, ceiling and walls. Then move to the cabinets. And finish off with appliances. Remember, ventilation is important. After all, you don’t want a stuffy, smoky pantry.

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Making you kitchen more useful than it looks

One of the main rooms of a home is the kitchen if you need to sell your house fast. What can you expect? This is where all food for everyone in the household is prepared. This is also where you find your beloved pizza boxes, chocolates, and ice cream tubs. But because the kitchen can be one of the most used rooms, its design and quality deteriorate over time. If this is what you’re experiencing now then this article is a must-read so you don’t fall into the trap of making your kitchen look beautiful but utterly useless.

Tip #1: Use a neutral color

The best color for any kitchen would be white for several reasons. First, it makes your kitchen look so much bigger. It creates an illusion that there’s more space than there actually is. Second, the color white is associated with serenity, cleanliness, and happiness. When there are more whites in your kitchen, you would feel more at ease even if you have a lot of dishes to cook. To add to that, if you’re planning on reselling your home, more people would prefer having white kitchens than those of a specific shade (say, your favorite color).

Tip #2: Measure your kitchen’s dimensions

If you are planning on buying a few appliances, this tip will be very handy. Take, for example, if you are buying a refrigerator. Large refrigerators may be nice and sophisticated to look at, but they will just go to waste if they don’t even fit through your door. So before you start buying appliances, make sure that you’ve measured the dimensions of the places you planned on putting them.

Tip #3: Maximize every bit of space for storage

Once you’ve planned out the areas where you’ll put your kitchen appliances, it’s time to maximize the other spaces for storage. To make sure your kitchen is useful, it should be able to store all the needed pots and pans, utensils, plates, among others. Some people make the mistake of just putting other kitchen utensils in a back kitchen. If you haven’t noticed, this can be a bit unsanitary. To avoid this and other problems, you can put cabinets on top of your fridge and countertops. They can also have different sizes and levels to look more dynamic.

Tip #4: Light it up

A dim kitchen is a sad kitchen. It’s hard to work on anything with excitement if your workspace barely has any light. The same goes for your kitchen. Instead, install lights underneath the cabinets so they can illuminate your concrete countertops where it will be easier to chop and prepare ingredients. Put lights near your sink as well. If you have a kitchen island, you can install fancy lights that can hang low, but not too low that you won’t see the other side of the island.

Tip #5: Choose quality appliances

This last tip should be taken very seriously because your appliances can determine how useful your kitchen is through a Home Buyer Houston Magazine review. Buy good-quality appliances that have warranty and easy to maintain so that you can regularly check if it’s in the best working condition. Choosing appliances can also help you cut down on utility bills especially if they are cost-saving.


Little Bathroom, Big Ideas

Many people are envious of the high-end bathrooms featured in home improvement magazines. If your bathroom is small; all is not lost! Here are some bathroom designs and ideas to help you turn your little bathroom into something that appears big and luxurious!

Smaller Fixtures

Older homes often have tiny bathrooms – less than 3 metres by 2 metres. To prevent the development of a claustrophobic feeling, you need to scale down a number of your bathroom items and equipment to widen up the space of your bathroom. Choosing a pedestal sink over long counter space sinks and cabinets will help.

Use of Colours

To minimise the cramped feeling on your bathroom, choose light-coloured tiles over darker ones. If you want a combination of both light and dark colours, an Asian inspired design may be better. Mixing old world designs with modern elements can be achieved by using a powder room vanity with a touch of Japanese feel. To lessen the cramped feeling of an all brown layout, a mix of beige and white colours may be best.


Take advantage of every available space in your bathroom, but do not overdo, resulting in a cramped environment. Creating a feeling of more space can be done by incorporating light wall colours to vanity lighting. If storage is necessary, use light oak finished furniture to give your bathroom an expansive feel.

A frameless mirror paired with horizontally tiled lines will create a modern appeal and the illusion of more space. For a seamlessly eye-leading and space complementing impression on your bathroom, wall and ceiling vanity lighting is preferred. Lastly, a small toilet along with a curb-less shower will not only give your bathroom a larger appearance but a luxurious feel as well.


A modest but efficient type of vanity can be chosen to take advantage of your bathroom’s shape and size. The general idea is to pair a light vanity with darker walls and a dark coloured vanity with lighter coloured walls. Hiding your accessories using a vanity that has a built-in drawer underneath the sink will help you maximise the storage space in your bathroom.


A long horizontal mirror can be utilised as a cover for bathrooms with too much wall space. Aside from giving off the illusion of a much larger bathroom, this will help you use a part of the wall space over your bath. A mirror with a dark and thick frame is the ideal for these particular cases.

Create a feeling of space by using a combination of frameless mirrors along with marble tiles. A floor-to-ceiling cabinet system along with a glass door shower is preferable to installing a tub.


Any bathroom can be made luxurious and stylish no matter how small it is. The added cost of bathroom expansion is not necessary when it comes to giving your bathroom a luxurious design and feel. You can always trick the eye with the use of light and dark colours along with the right use of your bathroom space. Contact Sydney Bathroom Reno Masters for help with redesign ideas or to help with your budget bathroom remodel.


What Does It Cost To Underpin A House?

Underpinning a house :

Its necessary to strengthen the foundations of the existing structure. There are many reasons why underpinning may become necessary, most commonly due to deterioration of the foundation due to water, pest or other corrosive factors.

Underpinning a house can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $16,000 or even more depending on a number of different factors. These factors include:

1. The Extent Of The Damage

The extent of the damage refers to how severe the deterioration is and how much of the foundation it has affected. In most cases, only portions of the foundation will need to be underpinned. However, if underpinning has become necessary in one area, it is more than likely to occur in other areas so it might be a good idea to get it all done in one shot. The larger the house, the more extensive the foundation will be and therefore the more costly the underpinning.

2. Excavation

In order to reach the foundations, some excavation will be necessary. This is a messy and lengthy process that will destroy your yard and lead to the need to re-plaster and paint some of the walls that are affected during the underpinning process. Excavation should be included in your quote for underpinning but may come at an additional charge.

3. Vacating The Premises

You and your family or tenants will need to vacate the property for the duration of the underpinning process. The house will be uninhabitable for this time. The process can take any amount of time depending on the reliability of the foundation repair expert, the size of the structure and the extent of the damage.

4. Household Or Property Insurance

It is unlikely that your household or property insurance will cover the cost of underpinning, however it is a good idea to check with your insurance provider. Be aware that once the foundation has been underpinned, it will affect your property insurance rates. It is important to ensure that you use a certified and experienced building contractor or foundation specialist to perform the underpinning and ensure that no problems occur in the future.

There is no getting around it, underpinning is an expensive process but necessary if you want to save the structure. When the foundation is compromised, the only other option available to you is to demolish the house and start from scratch, which of course will be much more costly.

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