Little Bathroom, Big Ideas

Many people are envious of the high-end bathrooms featured in home improvement magazines. If your bathroom is small; all is not lost! Here are some bathroom designs and ideas to help you turn your little bathroom into something that appears big and luxurious!

Smaller Fixtures

Older homes often have tiny bathrooms – less than 3 metres by 2 metres. To prevent the development of a claustrophobic feeling, you need to scale down a number of your bathroom items and equipment to widen up the space of your bathroom. Choosing a pedestal sink over long counter space sinks and cabinets will help.

Use of Colours

To minimise the cramped feeling on your bathroom, choose light-coloured tiles over darker ones. If you want a combination of both light and dark colours, an Asian inspired design may be better. Mixing old world designs with modern elements can be achieved by using a powder room vanity with a touch of Japanese feel. To lessen the cramped feeling of an all brown layout, a mix of beige and white colours may be best.


Take advantage of every available space in your bathroom, but do not overdo, resulting in a cramped environment. Creating a feeling of more space can be done by incorporating light wall colours to vanity lighting. If storage is necessary, use light oak finished furniture to give your bathroom an expansive feel.

A frameless mirror paired with horizontally tiled lines will create a modern appeal and the illusion of more space. For a seamlessly eye-leading and space complementing impression on your bathroom, wall and ceiling vanity lighting is preferred. Lastly, a small toilet along with a curb-less shower will not only give your bathroom a larger appearance but a luxurious feel as well.


A modest but efficient type of vanity can be chosen to take advantage of your bathroom’s shape and size. The general idea is to pair a light vanity with darker walls and a dark coloured vanity with lighter coloured walls. Hiding your accessories using a vanity that has a built-in drawer underneath the sink will help you maximise the storage space in your bathroom.


A long horizontal mirror can be utilised as a cover for bathrooms with too much wall space. Aside from giving off the illusion of a much larger bathroom, this will help you use a part of the wall space over your bath. A mirror with a dark and thick frame is the ideal for these particular cases.

Create a feeling of space by using a combination of frameless mirrors along with marble tiles. A floor-to-ceiling cabinet system along with a glass door shower is preferable to installing a tub.


Any bathroom can be made luxurious and stylish no matter how small it is. The added cost of bathroom expansion is not necessary when it comes to giving your bathroom a luxurious design and feel. You can always trick the eye with the use of light and dark colours along with the right use of your bathroom space. Contact Sydney Bathroom Reno Masters for help with redesign ideas or to help with your budget bathroom remodel.