Revolution in Construction and Renovation

Revolution in Construction and Renovation

The whole point of doing a major renovation or building a custom home is to create a unique space. In that case, you need to know what is new and hot in the construction industry. Here, with some insights from Kookaburra Homes in Adelaide, we talk about things that are happening currently and gaining popularity.

Natural Selections

Super-dark, hand-scraped floors are not trendy anymore. Consider engineered woods, especially those with a lighter, natural finish. Making a comeback is grey and white finishes. Another trend is employing fumed, limed or bleached floors with matte finishes. You can achieve an exotic look with stone floors and porcelain tiles.

Open Spaces

Go with modern, open concepts. That means tiny rooms and fewer hallways. Open floor plans create more usable space. For instance, a kitchen that is open to the dining and living room. An abundance of glass or lift-and-slide doors brings the outdoors in.

Take Risks

Have some fun when constructing your dream home. Wallpaper all the ceilings or create a floating staircase. Consider patterned woods or intricate wood designs. Try a daring paint colour, bold wallpaper or outrageous tiles. The choice is yours! There is nothing better than a house that stands out in the neighbourhood.

Formal Reforms

Make your living room multifunctional. It could be a bar area, library or more of a party room. Now make changes to your dining room. It can be the service space for casual parties. Or you can add bookcases for it to be a library. It’s only traditional homes that designate living rooms for furniture storage and dining rooms for eating.

Great Outdoors

In the quest to make homes livable and functional, indoor spaces are opening to patios and backyards. However, outdoor spaces are expensive. That outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, elaborate lighting and lush landscaping could cost thousands of dollars. So budget accordingly. Anyway, decks and pools are great places to entertain and hang out.

New Media

Every room in the modern home has a television. Besides large flat screen TVs, the room should be useful and accessible. For instance, a media room can be a game room for adults and a playroom for kids. Theatre settings liven up wasted, isolated spaces. Builders say that media rooms on the ground floor are better than those on upper floors.

Go Green

Having energy-efficient appliances does not mean you’re an environmentalist. It shows you’re smart and conscious of your surroundings. If you use geothermal pumps and other Energy Star appliances, you can receive a tax credit – not a deduction. Here, the focus is creating green, healthy homes. So choose clean air filtration systems and surfaces that are friendly to the body.

Kitchen Conversation

Property merchants say kitchens sell homes. Grandma says a kitchen is the heart of the home. Both are correct. Though important, cooking spaces are expensive to renovate. But no matter your budget, you can still spruce up your kitchenette. Start with the floor, ceiling and walls. Then move to the cabinets. And finish off with appliances. Remember, ventilation is important. After all, you don’t want a stuffy, smoky pantry.

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