What Does It Cost To Underpin A House?

Underpinning a house :

Its necessary to strengthen the foundations of the existing structure. There are many reasons why underpinning may become necessary, most commonly due to deterioration of the foundation due to water, pest or other corrosive factors.

Underpinning a house can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $16,000 or even more depending on a number of different factors. These factors include:

1. The Extent Of The Damage

The extent of the damage refers to how severe the deterioration is and how much of the foundation it has affected. In most cases, only portions of the foundation will need to be underpinned. However, if underpinning has become necessary in one area, it is more than likely to occur in other areas so it might be a good idea to get it all done in one shot. The larger the house, the more extensive the foundation will be and therefore the more costly the underpinning.

2. Excavation

In order to reach the foundations, some excavation will be necessary. This is a messy and lengthy process that will destroy your yard and lead to the need to re-plaster and paint some of the walls that are affected during the underpinning process. Excavation should be included in your quote for underpinning but may come at an additional charge.

3. Vacating The Premises

You and your family or tenants will need to vacate the property for the duration of the underpinning process. The house will be uninhabitable for this time. The process can take any amount of time depending on the reliability of the foundation repair expert, the size of the structure and the extent of the damage.

4. Household Or Property Insurance

It is unlikely that your household or property insurance will cover the cost of underpinning, however it is a good idea to check with your insurance provider. Be aware that once the foundation has been underpinned, it will affect your property insurance rates. It is important to ensure that you use a certified and experienced building contractor or foundation specialist to perform the underpinning and ensure that no problems occur in the future.

There is no getting around it, underpinning is an expensive process but necessary if you want to save the structure. When the foundation is compromised, the only other option available to you is to demolish the house and start from scratch, which of course will be much more costly.